Welcome to the Logic Monkey’s Workshop

Do you dread reading a bedtime story to your kid?

Do you feel something is lost from our culture when the Three Little Pigs all escape the Big Bad Wolf? Do you feel like Social Justice Warriors from New York are trying to propagandize your kid because in your copy of the Three Pigs, they are interracial, the girl pig is the smart one, and they were raised by a single mother? “Why is that stuff even in there? They are pigs. Race, gender, divorce, and/or pre-marital sex are all topics that could have been ignored, and everyone would have been fine with that!”

Or maybe you’re just convinced that your kids could handle a story with real drama and stakes, instead of these sanitized visions of mediocrity.

In today’s world, the gatekeepers on the world of media are growing more and more insistent, brash, and offensive in their attempt to control the stories.

And in today’s world, the gatekeepers are becoming irrelevant.

I’m E. Darwin Hartshorn, the Irrepressible Logic Monkey

I grew up on a farm. The need to kill my own food didn’t scar me for life.

I live in a world with flush toilets, computers, and relative freedom. All things Western Civilization has given me. The same Western Civilization I am expected to loudly decry for causing all the world’s ills. But I don’t want to decry it. I want to protect it, promote it, and if possible, preserve it.

And I have a kid who wants me to read a bedtime story.

So I’m going to make my own.

And my version of the three little pigs is gonna be awesome.

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