Making kids’ books, I have these objectives:

  1. I want to feed my family and garner for myself some freedom to make more stories.
  2. I want to make cool things and get them in the hands of people who would enjoy them.
  3. I want to love my neighbor by building and uplifting Christendom, as Christendom has good things like flush toilets, whereas post-Christendom has bad things like typhus.

These objectives are independent of each other. I would prefer if I could accomplish all three at once: Make a cool thing that uplifts Christendom and those who would like it then proceed to buy it thereby allowing me to feed my family. But as long as I am on point for these three objectives, I can be content. I can gladly work a day job, make kids’ books, and promote Christendom independently of each other.

For instance, I want Jon Del Arroz, Adam Lane Smith, Alexander Hellene, and many others to succeed in their artistic endeavors, and will not hesitate to push their books. Likewise, Vox Day is trying to preserve shards of the west by republishing out-of-print classics, and I exhort you to support his endeavor, even though it is already wildly successful:

This why the Licensed RPG idea in my concept list has such a strong attraction to me. It doesn’t matter too much to me if I’m building someone else’s brand instead of my own. In fact, it’s better. It’s better to build someone else up than to build myself up.


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