This week in making Kids’ books:

Having converted to the deck box method of making books, this week’s goal is to continue to seed my box. At least a couple of cards each day.

On the theory that Awesome Moments is the cluster most likely to be harvested next, and having done some “3D sketches” to get my knack back:

Each day, after seeding my deck, I intend to complete or retopo a sculpt to build up a library of pieces to use in future books. And I think I’ve worked out a guiding principle. I decided to post a challenge to teh twitterz (sic):

May as well make the requisite parts to do the OCs I collected while seeds grow. Since some are human and some are critters, this will give me a good foundation for whatever card cluster reaches harvest status first.

Of course, if I do it this way, I’ll have proved a liar, as I will be painting these rather than doing ink drawings. C’est la vie.

And “Cartoony, precious moments-esque” will certainly be an interesting style for some of the grittier characters here.

But! I have to seed my deck box before I start work on this. Toodles!


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