John Michael Jones Learns the Lord’s Prayer

As noted last time, a John Michael Jones book where his dad sits him down and teaches the Lord’s Prayer, is currently the focus of my attentions.

There are two parallel tracks on that one:

Track 1: Zettelkasten to Storyboard

  • Research the Lord’s Prayer (via smart notes).. ✔️
  • Lay out the card storyboards
  • Transcribe the card storyboards to digital storyboards

Track 2: 3D to Painting

For Kid Proportions (John Michael) and Superhero Proportions (David, John Michael’s Dad), in any order:

  • Proportion drawing ✔️
  • 3D Sculpt
  • Retopo Body
  • Retopo Head
  • Retopo Hands
  • Sculpt/Model Clothes
  • Sculpt/Model Hair
  • Create Sword Prop
  • Create Poster/Painting of Character

And then combine the two in father and son painting.

When both tracks are done, everything is ready for production. At this point, I go to Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, and simultaneously, I go to my secret teams for proofreading, review, and editing.

So this week, I aim to spend a couple hours each day doing 3D stuff, and adding a page or two a day to the card stack.

Update: Today’s Progress

Time to start sculpting. I think I’m going to do the super body first because it’s more fun.

Yeah, we’re not using that helmet hair. But it does prove that the current face is the David Jones face once hair is added.

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