Captain’s Log 0201009.224: Deliberate Consumption

Up til now, my policy has been at least two pages a day, Monday through Saturday. Sunday, I am forbidden to work on my current project, every other day I am forbidden to work on anything else until I’ve met some minimum amount of progress.

I am, at this moment, considering designating Saturday as a deliberate consumption day.

That is, part of the creative process is taking stuff in. Reading books. Watching movies. Recharging the creative batteries. Art is a conversation. Listening, as well as talking, is important.

I have not been listening deliberately. I have been listening randomly, and when I’ve gotten burnt out. But I have the latest Dresden Novel queued up, and some old pulp westerns nobody’s heard of as well. And I’m thinking, why not spend every Saturday studying instead of producing? Since I can.

I’m gonna try it for a couple of weeks and see how it changes my momentum.

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