Captain’s Log 0201019.205: Gap

Lost all of last week. My tent was well suited to my working at a slow but steady rate, but now winter is making overtures.


By the weekend I had settled on converting the basement into an art dungeon. And then I injured my knee, rendering large quantities of stair-climbing inadvisable.

My knee is just about good enough now that I can start building my art dungeon tomorrow. However, I also have a lot of busywork to catch up on unrelated to my comic, so my objective for this week is to catch up on responsibilities, and maybe, hopefully get a page or two done. My ultimate objective is to handle all my potential excuses so that I have no excuses remaining next week.

I’ve done some musing in the mean while.

I have said before that I have three objectives:

  1. Make the stories and games in my head
  2. Get the stories and games to the people who would enjoy them.
  3. Feed my family.

My preference is to kill all three birds with a single stone by selling the stories and games in order to feed my family.

BUT! Ultimately, it is more important that the stories get told and get out there.

The result of my mulling is this: the way to go is to prototype all my stories as a webcomic. Then, as stories ripen in the web comic and eventually fall off the comic and into my hand, do them up as illustrated books, more traditional comic books, or vidya.

For that, I need a comic design that will be lower effort to execute than any of the stories and games I want to make, and is capable of encompassing everything from Jump the Shark to John Michael Jones to Hat Trick to Star Dogs.

I pondered using my Piqha for it. Give them a sort of muppet show in a theater, where they put on my other stories as plays.

Also toyed with a pixel art webcomic. A sprite comic, so to speak, but by a real artist. (I’m sure such existed, but that is not, on the whole, what the sprite comic ‘genre’ is for…)

Could work. Could work. I dunno. I want to kind of keep and preserve the art of the newspaper comic strip, which is busy dying along with the newspapers. And I like drawing me some HD art. But I also love pixel art. And it lends itself to a nice unifying conceit: a bunch of game characters living out their stories.

To be sure: work on this sprite comic thing will have to wait until the Night Mare Nightmare storyboard is done. I’m not dropping one project for another in the middle. We steer the ship of Hat Trick into its next port before we decide whether or not to change course.

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