Captain’s Log, 0201102.114: Back in the Saddle

For some reason, after two weeks of doing nothing, my desire to work on Hat Trick has reignited.

Okay then.

Tolkien took a year long break in the middle of writing LotR. He didn’t think it was a break, either. He thought he was giving up; moving on to some other thing.

Every time I read about Tolkien’s process, I’m like, “I’m like a faster, stupider version of this guy.” I have the same dumb instincts, but I’m not making anything half so grand, nor could I. Well, I’m thinking I need to make that official. Make abandoning a project and then taking it back up something I intentionally do, instead of a betrayal, a breaking of a promise. I’m not sure what that looks like yet. I thought it looked like an alpha test comic…

But right now, it looks like I’ll be storyboarding Hat Trick for a little while.

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