Captain’s Log 0201106.130: Error for margins

Well, crap. I’ve been doing something wrong this whole time, and now that I’m 80 pages in, it’s gonna be a beast to fix.

My template is set up so that the panels bump right into the gutter.

There should be a sliver of a margin between the gutter and the panel border unless I’m intentionally running a panel into the gutter (which I do, from time to time).

I think I’m going to do a test print of the storyboard as is, so we’ll see how much of a problem it is before I set out to fix it, but… bro.

That said, 10 pages storyboarded this week, bringing the total to 81 penciled and 83 paneled and lettered.

That’s a full week of storyboarding. I am done making promises I’m constitutionally unlikely to keep, though. I will be pushing forward on Hat Trick next week, and I will be tinkering around with my piqha RPG, but we will see what actually happens.

The new pages can be found on SubscribeStar, per the norm.

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