Captain’s Log 0201111.080, It’s DONE!

89 pages!

The story is finished. Here are the next steps I plan:

  • Produce an additional 10 or so pages of character art/random illustrations in a finished state.
  • Make the damn book out of the storyboard pages, with the extra pages slotted in.
  • Have a printer’s proof made thereof.
  • Let it lie for at least one month.
  • Run a Kickstarter to fund editing and production.
  • If the Kickstarter funds, make a comic book!

I think I’m gonna spend a couple months playing with vidya. Running a Kickstarter in December is unwise because everyone’s broke with the Christmas spending. Running a Kickstarter in January is unwise because everyone is still broke with the Christmas spending. But February? February is fine. February is more than fine. People are starting to get their tax returns in.

Been reading a lot of comics lately, as research for this project and for Alpha Test. I’ve especially been looking for influences outside my regular expertise. Newspaper comics from before the age of the 3 or 4 panel daily. French comics.

Which brought me back to Asterix. I had a copy of Asterix in Spain when I was a kid. Holy, cow, these comics…

The art style has that cartoony exaggeration I love while still being lush and gorgeous. The backgrounds are lush and richly detailed. And all this work done by just two guys. Just look at their materials list for Asterix and Cleopatra.

I can’t keep up with that kind of madness! I need to switch from making comic books to video games just so I can reuse my backgrounds instead of redrawing them panel after panel after panel!

Hat Trick 1 is still going to be done as a comic either when it funds, or, should it not fund, later. But a man needs to admit when he is unsuited for a task. I am unsuited for producing my stories as comic books.

And why on earth did I learn to code if I’m not meant to use it?

Hat Trick 2 and onwards will make fine RPGs.

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