Two Milestones in One Day

I really don’t know for sure how age appropriate or not my video is. I put it up a year ago. Just me ranting about how making propaganda automatically prevents your work from having lasting value, if I recall correctly. (I’m lying. I don’t remember the video at all. I extrapolated all this from the title).

YouTube strikes me as a fickle master, unresponsive to reason, but that may just be because I tend to follow incorrigible badthinkers. After all, if your fundamental worldview is that the god of this world is a poser and you are eagerly awaiting his overthrow by Christ, how much further beyond the pale can one get?

I’ve long since decided producing frequent videos is odious to me. I made four or five before I decided I would rather wash toilets. So I am disinclined to contest the charges and defend my good name before people who would never acknowledge it to begin with. Still, I will maintain until shown otherwise that the charges are false. YouTube’s history means that they have forfeited the benefit of doubt in all cases.

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