Celebrating Little Wins

I have a guy on a screen. He has a waiting, ready, and highlighted animations. I can switch between them at will. The animation system has a compatibility layer so that when I use tweens or Spriter or Spine instead of Unity’s native animation system, my logic code will never know the difference.

Criticisms: I’ve spent too much time making this look nice. I should not have painted a backdrop, but continued using a random pic off of Google DuckDuckGo. I should not have put nearly so much effort into the character animations, since they will ultimately be replaced anyhow.

Next step: actually implementing character speed and Action Points so that the character is not ready or ready at given times. Then, we can worry about whether a ready character may be selected.

Here’s the scene without all that nasty GIF compression.


Got a little Action Point interface bubble made. It’s charging as I physically drag the slider for its value around, rather than in response to any battle code. But I thought I better put it here as I’ll be away from my computer today and I like to ogle my progress when I’m unable to make more.

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