Captain’s Log, 0201203.091

Tomorrow, a family member has major surgery (prayers appreciated), and I have to move a trailer house a longish distance (prayers appreciated). So there will be no Captain’s log.

Progress on the book has been slow. Partly because my attention is divided, partly because of the upcoming events, and partly because my family has been recovering from a nasty cold. Here are the storyboards thus far.

And here’s the concept art that has been done for the book:

Yesterday I introduced the project to my pastor and secured his blessing on the project and a promise of a theological review of the first draft when it is finished. I have also been doing some research into angelology out of necessity, since Awesome Moments 1 covers the grand, cosmic context in which the other Awesome Moments books shall live (I call it the Eden to Revelation presentation of the Gospel). Obviously, I’m taking a lot of artistic license, so using my kids’ book of the Gospel as a manual for spiritual warfare is contraindicated, but the more I know, the more confident I can be of my artistic choices. For instance, Ezekiel presents Eden as a mountain. My current art doesn’t reflect that. The final product may, however.

Anyway, I don’t plan to get much done this week, but I hope to get a lot done starting next week. ONWARD!


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