Captain’s Log 0201212.113

Monday I am likely to be engaged in extracurricular activities that will not only prevent me from getting pages done, but even posting my week-beginning log.

So here it is. 30 pages storyboarded. Presuming I work Tuesday and Thursday through Saturday, averaging 4 pages a day, and the story isn’t finished by Saturday, we’ll finish out next week at 46 pages, with 42 on my Friday Captain’s Log.

Per my pastor’s encouragement, I intend to include an appendix explaining my artistic choices and pointing to the Scriptures from which they are drawn. However as the final book’s predicted length approaches 100 pages not counting appendices, and the things I need to explain multiply, I wonder whether I can reasonably include those extra pages.

I may just have to resign myself to it. I want my work to be easily available to the broke and impoverished, but I can’t justify sparing any bit of quality for the confession of faith I leave my own child.

So that’s the plan. I’m very excited for Tuesday. War in Heaven illustration time! Honestly, I’m sufficiently excited about it I may do it today, instead of the stuff I’m kind of sort of planning to do..

The Kind of Sort of Plan

…is to play around in Unity, working on RPG mechanics.

Despite the fact that my best success as a creator has been in working on teams, or else making kids’ books, I increasingly feel that the Licensed RPG is my ultimate earthly storytelling calling. I can’t make my Bible Story books that way — RPGs are unsuitable for the task — but it may well be the ideal way to present Hat Trick, Theria, Wren Valen, Stardogs, and so on and so forth.

Also to the point is how well it suits me. I like making fantastical worlds and backdrops, but I hate redrawing the same backdrop for multiple pages of a story or comic book. I like redrawing the same character over and over, though, especially if I’m animating him. My artistic preferences are optimized for video games, not children’s books or comic books.

Well, we’ll see what happens. I’ve other chores to do as well.

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