Captain’s Log 0201225.195 Stick a pin in it…

All goes largely as I predicted last time. I’m not actually registering a log because I’m working on Christmas.

I’m registering a log because a thought occurred to me and I wanted to pin it down before it escapes.

I have one more picture to draw for the white elephant gift exchange tomorrow. But listening to the GDC postmortii of Into the Breach and FTL has me thinking “why not try and make my RPG battle system as a game all by itself?” An RPG, even a small one, is a huge undertaking.

I have a passion/skill gap in game-making that serves as a constant annoyance. I have made games by myself, but small things like Space Invaders. I never want to make another shooter as long as I live.

The trick is finding a project that’s bigger than a space shooter, but small enough I can finish it, but interesting enough that I can get excited about it.

I have previously dismissed the idea of making the combat system of my RPG design as a game unto itself. But for some reason, right now it seems like a really, really good idea. It may be the general exhaustion speaking, however. So I want to note it down now and come back to it with a fresh mind.


Added Kaylich.

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