Captain’s Log 0210101.073: Old Dogs and New Tricks

Lad’s and lasses, it is time to begin again!

Downloaded the repo for the first time in four years, and I’m looking it over. At the moment I haven’t touched Unity, as the Unity version in use is really old, and if we upgrade (and I hope we upgrade!) I want that to be the decision (and problem) of the team’s code monkey.

He did not give me a time frame other than January, which has a whole month’s worth of days, so I don’t know if work on the project is going to start on the other end today, or in one month. But there’s a bunch of stuff I can do in the mean time. I’ve improved significantly as both an artist and an animator in the last 4 years. I have better, more potent tools now than I did then.

At the moment I’m just going through the art, figuring out what the heck I was doing, reorganizing it, and tidying it up. I also need to re-learn Spriter.

Krag Vargenstone is an interesting sort of a thing for me. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make friends with people who want to make un-woke games. The last time I made it, it fell at a particularly unfortuitous time of my life: I was dealing with some nasty medication side effects, and I was preparing to leave my home state to help with some drama with my in-laws. Now, I no-longer need the medication that was causing the side-effects, and I am back among my own family.

Meanwhile, in my own projects…


My days off are Sunday and Wednesday. On a whim, on Wednesday, I started throwing together some old assets to start building a phone simulation of a plastic virtual pet.

I got pretty far, if you don’t count gameplay. My coup de grace was inserting a hand-drawn character with his colors set by a palette swap shader.

This is a project I’ve wanted to do for the better part of a decade, but something clicked the other day, and now it’s actually popping. And the best part is, it will serve nicely in the “RPG battle system, minus the RPG” category I’ve been blathering on about.

Obviously, I’m not going to work on this a lot this month. Only on my days off, if I feel like it. But I’m pretty excited about the project all the same.

I’m riding Vargenstone to the end, obviously, since I have a team relying on me. But let’s pretend we’re wrapping up Vargenstone. In the next month, we’ll pretend it’s February, my choice projects are go all-in on the Theria V-Pet for a month, Kickstart Hat Trick, and Kickstart Awesome Moments. At this present moment, I’m leaning towards the first. But we’ll see how “January” treats me. And by January, I of course mean however long I need to spend on Vargenstone.

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