Vargenstone Devlog 2: Oh Give Me A Code, where the Buffalos Roam…

When we left off, we had made ourselves some leg animations.

Don’t worry about the fact that they’re low quality. They’re supposed to be draft one. I hope by the end of the day I have enough time to polish one direction, so I can justify the process with the end result, but my magic 8-ball has expressed… reservations.

We need to make some torso animations and then, go into Unity and combine them. I’m leery of this since I’ll be jumping the existing project forward by a solid four years worth of Unity updates and something is liable to break. I have some small skill, but I don’t know whether it will suffice to fix anything that breaks.

But I’m borrowing trouble. If my skill is not up to the task, we can always roll back the repo in git. ONWARD!

And just like that, our torso mockup animations are done.

Time to bite ye olde bullette. Say a prayer for our ancient project!

It’s working!

Yeesh. I’m going to need to redo those graphics for the title. But they are not anywhere near the priority just yet. Some day. Some day.

Alright. I’ve updated the repo and made myself an art playground. And with a little bit of effort…

Our low-res hero is animating in four directions based on the arrow keys. Huzzah.

The torso ancher movement needs some tweaking, especially with regard to the north walking animation. We need to add four more directions. My code currently picks animations by generating strings, which will result in slow encroachment of garbage. And we need to make the aiming/shooting variants. And then the variants with the hood and the armor. But! In addition to getting this all up and running, I’ve proven to myself that my little notion will work! Up ’til now, it was probable rather than guaranteed.

Heck wit’ it. I’m going to do final quality graphics for south-facing next.

I have got to find a pen tool I can control better for digital lineart, or else print this guy out and ink him with real brush pens. But that’s good enough to go on. I need to push my changes to the repo and take care of some unrelated business.

Yeah, his part switched sides there. That’s sloppy code on my part.


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