Vargenstone Devlog 3

Timestamp 5:50. The leg animations took me 25ish minutes to do 6 frames, so we’ll say I have the two additional directions by 7.

Once again, I’m struck by how stupid I was to center a six-frame walk cycle on the crossover poses rather than the heelstrikes.

Done properly, this could have been easily three or four times as readable. Thank God it’s workably readable.

6:28. Same song, second verse.

So that’s all the legs we’ll ever need, until it’s time to remaster them at final resolution.

“What about the orcs?”

I’m hoping to convince everyone that the orcs can turn their whole body to face their target each time they want to shoot, so I can avoid animating their legs and bodies separately. But if it is deemed needful to animate the orcs in pieces to be true to the original game design (and I half expect that to be the decision), at least I will be able to explain how much longer it will take and why, so that the tradeoff is intentional.

Let’s get the dwarf his upper body, and assemble our work in Spriter!

Upper body done, timestamp 7:02.

Rough Spriter Animations done, timestamp 7:15. Now the trick is showing it off in Unity. And here’s where the fact that I’m an artist who can code, rather than a coder who can draw, is going to bite me. I’m not super familiar with the math needed to pick our facing.

We’ll hack something together. After all, while figuring out the precise angle might be needful in case someone is using a gamepad or joystick in a final game, this is a test demo, and it will be enough to pick the diagonals if multiple arrows are pressed.

Boom: Timestamp 8:00.

Right. It’s time to take a break, do farm chores, feed my kin. That sort of thing.

Our next step will be aiming and shooting which is the whole reason we separated the parts like this.

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