Status Report 0210118.053


Vargenstone remains where it was last time I last time I spoke…

…and while I am going to try and get some serious work on it done this week, I’m not going to stress over it while I’m the only guy changing anything.


Meanwhile, I feel like I’m done with the virtual pet for now. Not permanently, but I was doing it to scratch an itch and the itch is scratched. I will probably continue adding pages to the book storyboard at a rate of one or two per week so that I’ve have a huge head start when the project gets the limelight.

Hat Trick

Hat Trick is probably the first thing I will try to kickstart and produce this year. It needs some work first. The ending needs to be redone. But the project fatigue from making it has passed, so, I think I may pick it up again as soon as February.

I aim to spend my last allotment of Trumpbux on a wide-format printer, which should not only permit me to produce Awesome Moments at 8.5×11, but also allow me to do two-page full spread illustrations for the 6×9 books on a single page.

Proportions of characters in Hat Trick have not been consistent. My original concept art has them very chibi because these are the proportions I like to work in, but the seriousness of the story material causes them to lank out.

So I had a brainstorm the other day. I spent so much time on the proportions for Awesome Moments. I even included a couple of Hat Trick characters. Why not use those proportions?

Saturday, at loose ends because I wasn’t sure what my approach to Vargenstone was going to be, and I was debating getting a job, which would necessitate dropping Vargenstone altogether (and, indeed, all my projects for a few months), and I decided to draw my Hat Trick girls at the Awesome Moments proportions.

Now, way back when, I tried making 3D models of the Awesome Moments proportions and stopped at the retopology phase.

At the time, the plan was to make books entirely by posing and rendering 3D models. But I got fed up during retopology and announced that maybe I would just sculpt characters and use them as reference for hand drawings.

Alright. Why not give that a try for Hat Trick characters? Here’s what I did yesterday for my day off: Jenny.

Of course, she only shows up in one panel of Hat Trick 1, and that not in this costume. And I wish, oh how I wish, to transform her into a working model with proper texturing and rigging so I can pose her. But I like how this turned out, and making sculpts of characters to use as reference in model sheets, etc, seems like a good plan going forward.

I have, in the distant past, made rough 3D mockups just to get proportions right, and then rotoscoped off of these. Obviously, these are the lanky proportions I have since theoretically abandoned.

And if I’m officially working on Hat Trick, my first priority is to fix the ending.

So What’s the Plan, Stan?

First thing’s first: I need to decide if I’m applying for a job. At this point, I have a feeling the answer is “no”, and I’m just looking for justifications for my answer, but I’m going to sit down and chart it out. This would be a temporary job. It would completely consume me for 3 months, thus putting all my projects on hold, but then I would return to starving artist status.

I haven’t solved the problem of how I’m going to approach Vargenstone. Perhaps the fact that I am done with the virtual pet for now will be enough. But if I apply for the job and get it, I have to resign from Vargenstone. Therefore the most urgent task on my plate is to sort out my priorities and decide on what the larger plan is going forward. I am playing this week’s creativity, therefore, 100% by ear.


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