Captain’s Log, 0210201.073: Keep Moving Forward

Here are pictures of the Night Mare, in roughly the order I made them:

No relation to today’s post whatsoever. I just lined these up because I wanted to, and I find WordPress’s gallery convenient for the task.

This is my yearly custom of pausing and considering my life’s path and whether I want to continue on current lines, or what course adjustments I should make. As such, there will be an over abundance of navel gazing.

2020 was a great year for me. 2019 I decided to try making kids books, and lo and behold: I might have something there. I cranked out 3 books in the latter half of the year, and while none of them are ground-breaking, I’m glad to have made them.

2020 I moved away from the coasts, back to the country stomping grounds of my family.

At the beginning of 2020, I tried to crank out books at a rate of one per month, in an experiment to see whether I could make a business of quick, awesome work. My first book, and the only book I published that year, proved however that was not the strategy for me. Something slower, more quality minded.

In what was left of 2020, I made three complete storyboards, meaning I could just put them into production now and release three books in a row (there are reasons, though why I don’t), and tinkered with some game making. Last month I worked on Krag Vargenstone for the first time in years…

And also a virtual pet, and accompanying bestiary, and I upgraded my office to handle bigger pictures.

I also have spent about the last six months jobless. Having tried employment in retail for 15 years and discovering I hate that, I’ve now tried living on the dole and hoping the extra time to devote to my arts and crafts will eventually pay out, and discovered I hate that too.

Part of this is, frankly, Adam’s curse. Men will always drag their bread from the ground through suffering. And as the empire I live in grows increasingly decrepit, I should be grateful I have a choice between the dole and minimal employment. But perhaps we can do better.

So that’s where we’ve been, let’s take a look at where we are.

The Ghost of Birthdays Present

I have three books storyboarded.

John Michael Jones Gets a Life

John Michael Jones Gets a Life is supposed to be part 1 of 3, and after releasing The Death of Arthur, I have sworn never to produce a story in parts again unless I have all the parts storyboarded, and know it is good. So, before I can produce it, I need to finish the story. Which means at least one more part, but probably two.

And that brings us to…

Hat Trick

Hat Trick: Night Mare Nightmare needs a new climax. I may want to insert a few pages of action sequence into the first story arc as well. The new climax alone may add 50% to the book.

That’s storyboarding, which means unless I am willing to accept the substandard ending for the book, I cannot begin production on it yet. The third book that is “ready for production” is:

Awesome Moments 1

You can read the Awesome Moments storyboard right here. This needs theological review from my pastor, and then…

And then it’s ready to go. I could run a Kickstarter for it next month. March.

Every time I’ve looked at it until now, I’ve thought, “not yet. I’m not ready.” But you know what? I think I may be ready.

With Vox Day announcing the release of his first three Junior Classics volumes, and Niemeier noting the gap in culture being passed on to the next generations, as if for my birthday, if I were the sort of man to read omens, I would guess God is nudging me towards Awesome Moments 1. I am, of course, precisely that sort of man, and the reading of omens is forbidden in my religion, so I must take a moment to say that “Produce the Bible Stories” floating in my marshmallow alpha-bits is not the way God promised to speak to His people. But while providence is not Scripture, and treating it as such is blasphemy, providence is providential.

I’m going to sleep on it, but I think gearing up for a Kickstarter in March is my play.

In Search of Day Jobs

For day jobs, I have a few options to weigh.

15 years in retail means I can basically snap my fingers, and a retail job will appear. Of course, that is the one job I am most loathe to accept. I certainly never again want to work random hours that have, as their only point of stability, the assurance that I will not go to church and I will work every holiday but Christmas. But it’s honest work, and I have debts to pay. If I could get work as a cart pusher, I’d even get to enjoy the sunshine and exercise.

My brother has ins in manufacturing jobs. He’s been pressing me to take one that would give me 60 hour weeks for a couple of months, and would pay better than anything I’ve had yet. As a temporary measure, it’s not a bad plan. But it would mean giving up on Vargenstone and putting off all of my other projects as well.

If that is the best path, that is the best path. I am not convinced it is the best path. I once lived in a different state from my wife and child for six months, and I swore never to do that again. 60 hour weeks for a couple of months is a far cry from that, but it’s headed in that direction.

Conversely, I am considering enrolling in Lamda School, and trying to get a ‘day job’ as a professional code-monkey. This, again, would preclude my projects at least until Lamda School was done. Six months, during which even a part-time job is out of the question, let alone a 60-hour/week grind.

Metaverseley, I am considering just a couple more months on the dole as I try to launch Awesome Moments, or seeking out part time work that would cover the scant minimum needed while maximizing the time I have for kin and creations. This is more directly in line with my priorities than any other plan; the other plans are only superior if in the long term they serve my priorities better.

Anyway, I have no need nor intention to make a decision right here, right now. It’s my birthday, and I plan to enjoy it. Tomorrow we shall see.

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