Vargenstone Devlog 5. Really? Only 5? Damn…

Devlog the previous.

Today, I’m updating more of the placeholder art to HD. Sadly, I’m not keeping the proportions precise with the 3D models. But that’s almost necessary. To get the project done, I have to abandon speed bumps and do the absolute best I can within the following constraint: only the best I can do and still actually finish the project. “Second best and finished” is better than “first best but only in my head.”

Anyway, I need to get my momentum back. As an artist, there’s two kinds of work I can do: creative work, and busy work. Updating the art to the HD is busy work: all the creative decisions have been made, I merely need to execute on them.

When my momentum is dead, busy work is the best way to get it back. I can do it in the evening when I’m tired. I can do it when my brain has stopped working. I get a peak of maybe one or two hours a day of creativity, but once the creativity has happened, I can spend hours and hours executing on it if necessary. One of the reasons I avoid commissions is I resent selling my single hour of creativity for someone else’s use. I’m no Tolkien or even Lewis. My creative genius is nothing to write home about. But it’s mine, dammit.

My priority is to get an orc up and running, as I have now all the animations needed for the dwarf. I’m hoping to hit the ground running on that Thursday. Any time I have left today for Vargenstone, though is going to be making HD versions of placeholder art, because I can do that.


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