Last Legend 1: Dragon Piqha

Technically this bit of animation is a fine piece of work for yesterday. Technically It’s less animation than it appears to be. My timeline says 41 frames, but that’s a lie. Many of them are duplicates…

Works out to be about 25 frames when you remove the dups.

The whole point of doing monochrome, low-res graphics is to sharply limit the scope of a project. One of the rules I’ve stuck to when doing platformer stuff in this format is a hard limit of three frames per animation. It’s fairly easy to see that the walk cycle is, indeed, 3 frames.. and almost nothing else is.

(It’s not as bad as it looks. Here’s the independent frames per animation:)

(So, there’s only two animations that break the rules at the moment. The sword draw, and the second cut from the critical hit).

Right now, I cannot accomplish what I want with the animations and cut the offenders down. This is not to say the task is impossible. If I separate the sword and the character out into different layers, I might be able, by staggering frames, to get more than three frames of animation out of three frames per object — and later on, I can do weapon swaps and independent weapon/character color palette swaps when I add that functionality to the engine.

That’s how John Michael Jones’s sprite works. He gets three frames per animation, and so does his sword, but they don’t always happen at the same time, with the result of a sword swing will look like it has more than three frames of motion.

That will probably be my go-to for Last Legend II, the Final Fantasy sendup. But for Last Legend 1, the Dragon Warrior spoof (if Dragon Warrior was possible to spoof, as the games frankly poke enough fun at themselves), I’m just going to push forward as-is. The Dragon Piqha is clearly a Sentinel, so he’s not going to swap out his Conduit.

Just need to add ‘jumping back after attacking’, ‘taking a hit’, and ‘blocking a hit’, and I’m good to go to start coding.

That’ll do.

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