Caricatures of the Most High

So, I took the Awesome Moments concept sketch of the Risen Lord…

..and did a quick version according to my current theory of cartooning.

It hasn’t had as much effort put into it. But I’m considering shifting the art style, and I need points of comparison to analyze.

Probably should have made a “new” version of Adam and Eve instead. I’m a little leery about drawing Our Lord at all, let alone as a cartoon character. But one of the plans of the book is to represent the first and second Adam as visibly twins, to help drive home the second Adam thing. In fact, I’m going to do that right now.

Warning: Cartoon PG-13 nudity below the fold.

Here’s the OG character designs for Adam and Eve. I was, sadly, not clever enough to put their fig leaves on, as my goal was to work out how I was to draw them pre-fall. Which is still my goal, but a fig leaf costume still gets the idea across. Instead I used convenient arm and leg placement.

And here’s the new style.

And side by side

So, some comments. The new face is designed based in part on the Shroud of Turin and on ancient icons of Christ (in my book I’m heavily implying that when Adam was created in God’s image, it meant among other things he literally physically looked like Christ. I’m not teaching that, because the Bible doesn’t teach it, but I’m implying it because I think it is implied.)

I have no position on the visual accuracy of the Shroud or of the icons. I simply regard working n the stream of those traditions as superior to pulling appearances out of hat. Thus the forked beard, the thin nose, the sharp cheekbones.

The OG Awesome Moments skin tone was based on the idea that from Adam and Eve come all the skin tones on planet earth. I thus picked the only mid brown in my palette. I’ve overlayed 50% of a red tone on Adam, and 50% of a pale yellow on Eve so that they’re still in the middle tonal range, but it looks (to me) more fleshy than the color I had added to my palette for tree trunks. Moreover, I’m told “Adam” implies redness, and David, who is also going to be played by the same actor, is described as “ruddy”.

I’m not super interested in representation. I think I’ve said before I toyed with the idea of making everyone white as a middle finger to the religion of the world around me. In the end, I decided against it not because “Jesus isn’t white,” but because I’m trying to make something that will be worthwhile for decades or centuries.

After careful consideration, I don’t believe this art style is less respectful than the original art style. I may try sculpting them in the next couple of days to get a feel for the forms involved.

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