Captain’s Log, 0210306.063

So here’s our test of the Seraph-serpent of Eden:

Fair enough.

One thing that’s worth noting is that while I am using 3D puppets to create 2D drawings, I am not exactly tracing. Anytime something doesn’t ‘look’ right, I fix it, even though the 3D even when it looks “wrong” is more accurate to how shapes would work in reality. And, of course, I put more detale and sculpting into my puppets than I convey with my art.

So while it looks pretty clear that I’m just tracing this image to make this image:

Directly layering one over the other will show I’m warping and changing stuff.

Anyway, that’s my sketch for the cover art. I’m going to ink it in 2+ layers so I can sandwich the title text between the seraph and the men.

Anyway, assembling this cover is my next big task in the process of making this book.

I do not think, at this rate, I’m going to be crowdfund ready by the ides. I’m still aiming solidly at that though.

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