Captain’s Log 0210309.073: Cover Me

The correct time to make this update was yesterday, but I was unfortunately hijacked by dogsitting.

The original intended launch date for my crowdfund is the Ides of March, a week from yesterday. In that time, I aim to:

  • Create a 3D mockup of the book.
  • Create the PDF of the first draft and send it to Amazon for a print test
  • Create the trailer for the fund.
  • Pick one of the more spectacular pages or 2-page spreads and produce it as an example of the finished project.

I strongly doubt I can accomplish all of this in that time. It’s just barely possible, but I’d have to devote a lot more time to work on it per day. So my new plan is to have it ready for launch on the Ides, but to actually launch it on the Equinox.

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