Captain’s Log 0210322.045: Unfinished Business

I should receive my proofs in a couple of days. In the mean time, I have paperwork and unfinished business from when I moved halfway across the country that has been waiting. This week, I need to get a bunch of life stuff sorted out, and it’s literally become a roadblock in kickstarting Awesome Moments.

A part of me is tempted to just begin production on Awesome Moments without running a Kickstarter. Hope that the Good Lord blesses it. Another part of me is hoping the Good Lord doesn’t bless it, and it remains between me and my family. After all, any man who desires to teach will be judged more harshly; but teaching my offspring is my duty before God, so…

But suppose I skip Kickstarter and just produce the book the long way? I’ll still need to get that paperwork done eventually. I’ll need to get a day job until the months or years from now when my work starts earning its own way. And I’ll still want to kickstart my RPGs.

Speaking of RPGs:

I really want to spend a month or so just trying to build the Last Legend engine. But if I got Last Legend running, what would I need to do? Kickstart. I’d need to get my nonsense together anyway. May as well do it now.

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