Bunny Trail Junction is back on the menu, boys

I’ve begun producing Hat Trick 1 as Bunny Trail Junction episodes.

And I’m about 70% decided that I should just produce Bunny Trail Junction proper, including all the random comics I’ve made already (more than a months worth) most of which I’m ditching as a false start, and start pimping my Subscribestar. I want to produce a title card for Hat Trick. But there you go.

One of the fascinating side-effects is that I patterned the Hat Trick sequel on a 2×3 grid, and Bunny Trail Junction is patterned on a 1×3 grid that becomes a 2×2 grid on Twitter with a title card. The upshot is, the first few pages have translated directly. Here’s the test 2-page spread that I finished last year, followed by the Bunny Trail Junction version:


I don’t get to do things like panel breaks, and later on in the draft I get a little crazy trying to break the grid. But while elements of the creative vision suffer, I think I prefer working in this way. The harsher limitations will lead to more creativity in the long run, I think.

Speaking of which, there’s a big ol’ splash panel on the next page, and for grins and giggles, I decided to try and translate it directly and post it on Twitter:

So here’s the twitter test:



So, it’s official: double-height splash panels are now allowed in the format! They should be avoided, kept for special occasions, but if the story calls for it, we have the technology!

I think after I make at least 1.5 comics, I shall follow up this post with something about making newspaper comics and ADHD. There were a lot more thoughts I wanted to draft into here, but I need to take a bunch of minutes and get ready for work.

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