Some Pictures

Every now and again, I get it into my head to study Japanese. Probably going to start up again in the next couple of days.

I was digging through my backups for my handy dandy Japanese vocab flash cards, when I ran into some pictures I decided to show off. These are on the older side, but I’m still kinda sorta proud of ’em.

Here are enemies for an HD Jump the Shark game, animated using Spriter:

Here’s an early version of Lyzzor, intentionally trying to ape the style of Mike Mignola because Therians are super serious.

Here are some other Therian prototypes:

Here’s the cast of Hi Polly!

How could I not include this, the moment when I finally started to grasp animation:

Once upon a time, I was planning to be a youtuber, but instead of showing my face, I’d have a 3D modeled animated transforming wasp. It’s a play on the fact that I’m Anglo-Saxon and Protestant.

Once upon a different time, I was making a game in XNA about a dragon fighting aliens. Spaz was the initial design for Crossover Arcade’s animal mascot, though that role was eventually usurped by Jump the Shark because Jump is funnier..

I like to rate things on a scale of -1 to 2. -1 means actively bad, 0 means meh, 1 means I like it, 2 means I really like it. Use this rating in five or so categories, and you’ve got a -5 to 10 total rating scale. Of course, on that scale 5 is solid, so it doesn’t scale to what people expect.

Well, that’s about all.


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