Been thinking about HD graphics, IDK.

Using the Rainboy palette in an HD game would be unusual. But it would have the advantage of being a unique look. Doubtless, folk would accuse me of making a Hollow Knight rip off if I made, e.g., an HD platformer using Rainboy colors. But the charge wouldn’t easily stick. Between the ink look and the 8-color palette, the game would have too much of a clear identity.

If the comic’s conceit is it happens inside a video game, ala Wreck it Ralph, HD sprites over pixelart backgrounds work well, but that kind of mixing and matching in an HD game would be odd. On the other hand, I could mix it up in the comic and keep the art consistent in the game.

Drawing with real ink would certainly be a thing, but it would be a ton of work to have the animation be consistent. If I draw it on the tablet, I can modify one frame to create a similar frame. Drawing as a vector file would be the slowest, but not only do I get infinite scaling out of the deal, I can color everything in the Rainbow Rose palette, and then convert easily to the Rainboy palette if I so desire. Of course, I can reasonably turn a Rainboy Palette game into a more colorful game with shaders — that’s what I do in the Candy Raid platformer prototype. But it’s easy to make well behaved palette shaders for pixel art. Less easy for HD.

Yeah, I overuse this gif. そすみ.

I am leaning towards Bunny Trail Junction living in a Dragon Egg / Rainboy world. HD art with a distinctive look wrinkles my JRPG Vs Platformer internal debate because the chief issue with a pixel art game is it harshly limits the marketability. The JRPG overcomes that by finding an underserved audience, but HD art overcomes that another way.

Well. I need to ponder for a while, then pick a direction. I certainly need to stop making these self-indulgent, “brainstorming and testing ideas counts toward my quota” serieses. At the same time, the September Hat Trick bit has pages and pages of “these two characters have a conversation” exposition. Such things are needed in stories, even in comics, though one ought to avoid or mitigate them as much as possible. Premade art with lush backgrounds would ease the pain of making such a segment.

I’m not going to use it for Hat Trick. The art shift would be too jarring. It doesn’t feel right. But at the same time, it doesn’t feel wrong to use it as a device for telling other stories.

I certainly won’t be ashamed of using Vidya-style graphics to make comics, even if it’s not pixel art. Not so long as you can buy Dog Man comics at Walmart.


Couple of things. Here’s how the print test went. Turns out, Amazon prints lighter than I do. Which makes sense. But the palette works either way.

Second, I tried making and then converting sprites for Octoboy and Piranha.

But there’s a wrinkle. I scaled all the sprites up to the same size in inches… but different DPI. I initially tried to draw Jump and myself at 600 DPI, as that’s what I print at. One inch per 16 Pixel Art sprite pixels. But the lines were too fine. I wanted them to be meatier. So I went with 300 DPI.

(Presumably, I can get the same effect by going to 600 and doubling the brush side, but never mind that, this was just a test).

I was fairly content with that. But then, due to sleep deprivation, when drawing the supers, I went ahead and scaled them to 600 DPI per my original plan, and didn’t notice that I was drawing finer lines until I was done.

It looks nice. The finer linework fits the characters better. But I want all my HD sprites to be consistent. So I either need to fineline myself and Jump, or broadbrush Octoboy and Piranha. Or, worse still, pick a relative brush size halfway between the two (as though I were working at 450 DPI) and redo all four!

I’m completely out of capacity to make further progress today. So I’m going to leave the question aside for now, and we’ll pick a path tomorrow. But at least the test furnishes me with the data I’ll need.


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