Dueling Spirits

The prompt list for Inktober 2021 dropped yesterday. The email says “don’t tell anyone ’til September 1st what’s on it,” but I am confident that my first essay doesn’t spoil anything. This picture is based on the first prompt, but it’s non-obvious.

But something else in the email caught my attention:

Please don’t share until September 1.

Now that you’ve got the list, use the month of September to sketch out and explore ideas!

The email assumes you will be drawing the Inktober prompts… in October!

With Bunny Trail Junction, I am (with the exception of Inktober) two months ahead, and my goal is to be six months ahead. You see, the spirit of Bunny Trail Junction is freedom. The freedom to jump around, work on whatever I feel like, confident that I can discard it or rearrange it before it comes out. The purpose of Bunny Trail Junction is to get all of my stories into the world without putting sufficient pressure on my flaws to make it fail.

The Spirit of Bunny Trail Junction is freedom, and this spirit is served by having a backlog.

The Spirit of Inktober is to encourage artists to produce a finished piece every day. The Spirit of Inktober is served by making setting aside specific days to produce and display finished pieces. The early release of the prompts is not so you can draw them in advance, it’s so you have time to think them over, do any research sketches you want.

These two spirits are intrinsically opposed. You don’t make a Bunny Trail Junction on the day it releases, you make it at least two months before that. You don’t make an Inktober drawing in advance, you make it on the day it is released.

There are four methods I can think of off the top of my head to resolve this conflict:

  1. The Worst of Both Worlds: Get the prompts ASAP (A week before September) and crank out 2+ pictures a day so you can have the monthly assembled by the ides. Does severe violence to the spirits both of Bunny Trail Junction and Inktober.
  2. Offset By A Year: Do Inktober properly. Publish it on Bunny Trail Junction a year later.
  3. Christmas Vacation: Publish normal comics in October, but do the Inktober challenge as well. Use the Inktober drawings to fill the December Monthly.
  4. Prompt in a Different Way: Similar to Offset By a Year, but instead of using the Inktober prompt list, I come up with my own prompt list to disguise the fact that I’m not doing the art at the same time as everyone else. This fits with coming up with my own branding for Inktober, and further, would allow me to pick a different 31 day month to execute in if I wish.

I am already committed to the Worst of Both Worlds solution for October 2021. However, I am considering the other solutions for 2022 and beyond.


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