Captain’s Log L8·X2: Wrapping Up August, Looking at September…

My well oiled machine of Bunny Trail Junction has thrown a cog: I submitted the September monthly for publishing back on August 13th and…

Reasons it could be delayed include copyright disputes, and I quoted a single Bible Verse at the beginning of the book without giving the appropriate copyright notice, so I think that’s what’s going on. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about it until Amazon takes it out of Limbo. After more than half a month, I begin to worry that it will never leave Limbo, and September will be the lost episode.

Of course, September is scheduled. And I have a new picture of my merch to put on the “Support Bunny Trail Junction” page:

It’s incomplete without the September Monthly, but I decided to add in all my kids books. Including Awesome Moments, even though it isn’t done and available for sale yet.

Which leads me to the question of what to do tomorrow.

I am violating the spirit of Inktober at a snail’s pace. Just barely over one drawing a day.

But I also want to jump into making a game tomorrow, and make that the main focus of September and October. To make this work, I have to make more than one drawing a day, or, I can throw up my hands and say “the challenge is a drawing a day”, and bring the monthly in a scant week before October. Given that the September Monthly was done before the Ides, and I’m still not able to get it out on time, this does not “sit well with me.”

And that leads me to another thing. I have gone from drawing two comics on an 8.5×11 page to one, and then to drawing that one on 9×12 Bristol board, and then doing Inktober episodes on 11×17 Bristol board. But I’ve also gone from averaging 2 comics a day to averaging one comic a day.

Has the quality increased from one method to another? Eh… in some ways. Here’s a comic from before the upscale:

And here’s a comic from after:

I like the variation and tapering that happens to the letters when I letter with a Tombow instead of a Micron. But while I do feel there is a change in quality, I don’t think it is sizeable enough to justify working at half the speed.

So I’m probably going to take the comics back to the pre-upscale size. Although I don’t know if I complete them twice as fast because I’m covering half the space, or because a page feels incomplete with only one comic on it.

I could test that by printing double-templates on 11×17, but 11×17 doesn’t fit nicely into my monthly folders. August “L8” is the most well-packed despite the fact that I had to put all the bristol board somewhere else…

Anyway, if I’m ending out the month deciding to cut down the size of my comics, perhaps I can get more done by downsizing my Inktober drawings as well.

And on top of that, Awesome Moments haunts me.

It doesn’t matter that it’s no more likely than anything else to make me money. It doesn’t matter that it’s a story that’s been told before, and that the Scriptures themselves are superior on every way. Awesome Moments is still the single most important thing I’ve drawn. And leaving my faith for my child is the single most urgent thing I have to do.

When I finished the draft, I was done with it for the time. But now it’s eating at me. When am I going to finish it? Should I run a crowdfund, or else just bully on through? Should I adapt the material to Bunny Trail Junction or not? Should I rotoscope 3D drawings, or should I eyeball it? Should I draw it in ink and then color it, or paint it?

I certainly can’t do Awesome Moments and Inktober and a videogame all at once. Not as I presently am.

But I’m scattered and unfocused today. My primary source of stimulants is Mountain Dew, and the last three or four days I haven’t been able to stomach the stuff. I may try, you know, actual coffee tomorrow.

But today I am not able to make the call.

Tomorrow, I think I shall try to draw two BTJ/Inktobers and work on a video game. I’ll scale the images down, and print two templates on a single 8.5×11, but I’ll hold fast to my goal of using the brush. And I shall find out whether coffee disturbs my stomach.

And that’s the course I’m adopting until September 14th, when everything changes. Or stays the same.


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