Captain’s Log LA·41: ADHD and Making a Living

It has been about three weeks since I went to the psychiatrist and asked for ADHD treatment and got it. And yes, I just a minute ago said I distrust the industry. That doesn’t mean I think they are wrong about everything, it just means I have to take ownership of my symptoms and treatment.

The doctor gave me two drugs. Stratera and Adderal. The first is supposed to treat the symptoms all day on a single dose, but takes a month to start working noticeably. The second is a stopgap to treat the symptoms in the meanwhile. I was told after two weeks to spend a day off the Adderal and see if the I could sense the Stratera operating.

It was terrible. I wandered around in a haze and got nothing done. My wife assured me that I was behaving as I normally behave.

So, at this point I think it’s at least safe to say that whatever ADHD is, I have it, and the medical treatment for it is therapeutic for me. Which is both exciting and unnerving. It means so long as I can get treatment and the treatment is effective, I can get my life under control, get my debts paid, build a business that is suited to my needs and personality.

It also means all this functionality is subject to the winds of politics. I live in the proverbial interesting times. If the Empire collapses I may not have access to Adderal or Stratera. I may also have cheaper, easier access. Who knows?

Well, last week I got most of the work on the Kickstarter done for Awesome Moments. I also got some new tech rolling in my game:

The first draft of the November Monthly is finished, though I’m not 100% certain I want to play it the way it is going now. Moreover, I have a lot of thoughts swirling in my head about what the best plan is moving forward. The plan I’m working right now was made when I was under the thrall of my worst symptoms, but with the assumption that the treatment would work. Now that the treatment is underway, I have new information about how my symptoms are affected, what I can and can’t do via the treatment.

I am confident I can make a fantastic solution. I am not confident that the current plan is that solution.

So today’s project is to reflect, digest, and analyze. I’m 99% sure I’m going to finish Hat Trick: Prelude to Nightmare (that’s the game) because I’ve already talked about it so much. And I can keep Bunny Trail Junction running even if I’m “not in the mood” to draw Hat Trick because I can do pixel comics or anything else I feel like. But the question is, what can I do, and what would be the best of those things to do.

Brainstorm incoming in the next blog post.

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