Doctor’s Note

I do not give nor promulgate a stance on the medical effectiveness of masks or vaccines.

I am a cartoonist. Not a doctor. I am more logical and analytical than the average man, and so it is reasonable for me to do my own medical research and come to my own conclusions. But it is also reasonable for me to say “that’s not my job; I have this other way I need to spend that time.”

From a legal and political standpoint, it is quite clear that specific measures against Covid 19 are being used to institute petty tyrannies. There is no slippery slope fallacy to be had. Australian police beating men for daring to leave their homes and Canadian police arresting pastors are cut from the same cloth as the governers and business leaders demanding masks and vaccines in America. They themselves admit that they are of the same cloth. That they have not yet dared the same level of action does not matter.

As for whether I will wear a mask or get the jab, I offer this stark, bare fact.

The medical and pharmeceutical industry should have come out strongly and universally against the murder of unborn babies fifty years ago. They did not.

The medical and pharmeceutical industry should have come out strongly against pretending men are women and women are men five years ago. They did not.

These are two political topics where the science is so clear and obvious you do not need to be extremely educated or do a lot of research to take an opinion. And the result of both topics is that the medical and pharmaceutical industries are perfectly willing to ignore hard science, even it it results in the mass death of innocents, in order to have the right politics.

Therefore I do not trust them. And I hold that even if I die of not trusting them, if I refuse some simple, lifesaving treatment that is obviously the right choice out of blind distrust, that is on them and not on me because they have plainly allowed millions of innocents to be murdered rather than dare to speak the truth.

They have earned distrust.


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