Planning on being broke

At present I own and use the domains “” and “” However, I typically pay for my web service with my tax returns, and well, things are tighter this year than last.

My plan is to definitely renew the “bunny-trail” domain, but not the expensive business hosting plan that lets me use the webcomic theme. This will result in Bunny Trail Junction’s format getting utterly replaced.

As I’m considering the comic possibilities using HTML5/Godot/Itch, this is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean the first pass at Bunny Trail Junction will be primarily available as the paperbacks.

Much as I like having this blog ad-free and at an easy URL, I’m probably going to let it lapse. I believe it will be after that*, but I’m not certain. People subscribing or following through WordPress’s interface, which is most of you, should still be able to find it just fine.

*it will not.


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