Captain’s Log m5•x1: Sudden Turn

Went into the GoGodot Jam intending to expand my pixel art engine, make a new game with it:

But something has been eating at me the last couple of weeks. I’ve decided hand-animated games, while gorgeous, are too much work. But I had also written off Clip Studio Paint. But now I’m using it to make comics and it’s great. What if I tried animating using it?

On the threshold of the jam, I choked. I made a plan to make a game using my pixel art work but starring some piqha. Then I followed an urge to animate a piqha in Clip Studio.

Then I decided I just had to animate Jump the Shark:

And before I new it, I was committed to half-assing a JRPG battle system:

The Jam has two categories, each with its own theme. I am entered in both. The first category, ULTRA, had the theme “Too Much Power”, and here is my entry:

The second category, CLASSIC, concludes next weekend, and has the theme “Evolution.” After I spend a couple hours today on some overdue administrative work, I intend to dive back in and turn this game into something for that theme as well. And ponder.

This artwork, this style of animation and development, keeps calling to me. I love it. It is wisest to let it go. I keep coming back.

Well anyway, today I made an appointment to get back on the ADHD meds. It’ll be a couple of months. We’ll see what happens.


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