Non-Series Work

Some of my work isn’t intended to be part of a series.


The Amazing Alphabeasts

26 Characters, arranged from Z to A, with a break to review the alphabet every three or four characters. Each character’s name is a hint to the basic phonetic value of the letter. Each character has an interesting backstory and powers. The idea is that you can read this book to your kid, and the kid learns the characters because the characters are cool, and having learned the characters, the kid now knows basic phonics without even trying.

You can get the book here.

If you want to use the book to teach your kid the alphabet, here is one way you can do that.


Witch Way

Witch Way was made live on Twitch as a Halloween game for 2017. I used C# and Monogame, and it’s a basic shooter. The idea was to build the foundation for an engine capable of doing greater games, but instead of going on to build on the engine, I made art with the same character for another game developer. The art found its way into Candy Raid, by KR Game Studios (not me), but I’m quite proud of the game I, personally made.

Witch Way is available for download on