Project Status

Not every project I have conceived will be on this list. Rather, I will add them and update them as I work on them or they become relevant to my interests.

Whatever is the main focus of my working hours will be at the top, followed by completed projects; everything else should be in roughly alphabetic order.

Concept: This is something I have thought of and would like to do, but have not worked on at all.
Tinkering: I am making something, but I don’t know yet whether it is going anywhere
Drafting: I am pretty sure I have a completable project in my head and am producing the draft version of it. I have no timeline for it outside of hazy guesses.
Production: I have committed to a product, I can tell you exactly what needs to be done to finish it, and even give you a good guess of when it will be available.

Paused: (with one of the three statuses above) I intend to pick this up later, but I am not presently working on it.
Active: (with one of the three statuses above) I am working on this during my dedicated work time or free time right now.
Abandoned: I may resume this project again some day, but at present I do not intend to do so.

Complete: This is a thing you can buy right now.

Latest: Jump the Shark and Paruvrew finished!

John Michael Jones Gets a Life

Status: Drafting (02/27/23)

One page is being drafted per week, 58 are done. Currently 44/58 draft pages have been produced for publication in Mad Christian Mondays and on Bunny Trail Junction. Because the draft isn’t finished I am not certain I can land this story. But we’re sure gonna do our best.


John Michael Jones Gets a Life is the story of a homeschool boy getting sucked into a video game world along with his friends, and having adventures that touch on the media, religion and our modern lives, without sacrificing fun fights with dragons and monsters.

Awesome Moments 1: The Kings of Earth

Status: Complete

The book is done. It is not yet for sale because I am working with a publisher.


A storybook retelling of the gospel from Adam to the Second Coming. The foundation for my answer to the question, “what if Precious Moments was awesome?”

The Adventures of Jump the Shark and Sera Mermaid

Status: Complete


My first children’s book, created just to see if I could. My requirements were as follows: it had to be something my kid would like. And it had to be something I wouldn’t mind rereading over and over and over if my kid became obsessed. It’s a ten minute bedtime story about a shark, a mermaid, and an evil Jellyfish, and can be purchased on Amazon.

Jump the Shark and the Pirate Princess

Status: Complete


My fourth children’s book: having left Dr. Jellybrains thrall, Jump the Shark is trying to be a hero, including sinking pirate ships. But when one of his vanquished foes, the Pirate Princess Cut Lass, gets ahold of Sera Mermaid’s magical Pearl of MacGuffin, Jump the Shark may not be strong enough to save the day. Available for purchase on Amazon.

Jump the Shark & Paruvrew

Status: Complete (February 1st 2023)

Buy Jump the Shark and Paruvrew here.


Jump the Shark has accidentally unleashed the Time Ghost of Finger Village. This threat is too big for one super-powered shark to handle alone, but the traditional foe of the Time Ghost is a monster called Paruvrew.

This will be the first book in my 8×9 format, which I intend to use for all books moving forward (and perhaps remaster older books in).


The cover art is available as a poster here. You can also get the frontispiece as a mug.

The Amazing Alphabeasts

Status: Complete


My second kid’s book, and my first attempt to make myself useful instead of merely entertaining. Based on the fact that children from my generation had no trouble memorizing the names and stats of 151 Pokémon, I created 26 interesting superpowered animal characters, on the theory that if a kid learned their names, he’d have mastered level 1 phonics without trying.

Hat Trick: Prelude to Nightmare

Status: Abandoned

There is a playable demo of an earlier version available on, but this project was intended to be the foundation for me making several retro pixel art games. However I presently don’t see that as the right path forward.


A mini game set at the end of the Hat Trick children’s book, and at the end of the presently existing comics, meant to be the starting point of either a series of retro top-down action adventures, or else retro top-down RPGs with action elements in the world traversal.

Jump the Shark

Status: Tinkering Paused

A working character controller, life collectables, basic foe, and doors are implemented. I had intended to try and create a small hub world and demo level for SAGE 2022 (Sonic Amateur Games Expo), and indeed, I have the beginnings of a hub created…

…but I am burnt out on it right now, so I am setting it aside. As of writing this, there is a small chance that I might still throw something together in time for SAGE, but it is very unlikely.

I am hoping I to finish a draft of this game in time to run a Kickstarter for Shark Week 2023.


My attempt to create the feeling of playing through the Sonic CD intro cutscene. I’m sort of hoping as I play with it, it will turn into an Action Adventure (i.e. a Metroidvania) instead of a level sequence, but my plan is to let it go whichever direction feels right.

Untitled JRPG

Status: Tinkering Paused

Characters have an Action Point bar that charges at different rates depending on their speed, but no way to spend the points.


I think something partway between a Visual Novel and a JRPG would be a great way for me to produce stories that are easier to distribute than, e.g., children’s books.

There is a brief test of this sort of gameplay available in the Jam Game Jump the Shark Vs. Lug the Slug available on