I am not what you call a fan of the school system

This is something I’ve needed to get out there for a long time. I’m going to try and be quick and to-the-point with it.

I went to college to become a schoolteacher. I was a straight-A student up until I got to my education requirements. I flunked out afterwards.

The primary culprit was a class called Human Relations in Education.

The class is required to get a teaching license in Minnesota. To pass the class, I would have needed to endorse the “Oppression = Prejudice + Privilege” formula. This is a messy, incoherent teaching, and I’m not here to walk you through the logic. But it holds that:

  • Isms, e.g. Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, only exist against designated victim classes. You cannot be racist against whites or sexist against men, but only against minorities or women respectively.
  • Said isms always exist within designated oppressor classes. That is, a white man is necessarily racist because he is white and sexist because he is male. He cannot be good. His choices are to be actively evil, or apologetically evil.

So. Everyone in that room with me who graduated? Who got their degree and teaching license? They signed off that they believed that. That every little boy they ever teach is sexist, and every white child they ever teach is racist.

Now, this was one school in Minnesota. They claimed that it was necessary to embrace this to be licensed to teach everywhere in Minnesota, but I’m fairly sure standards differ from state to state (let alone in other countries), and I can’t be 100% sure they were telling the truth. So. I’m not trying to slander that teacher you know.

But that was fifteen years ago. And I suspect it is the standard in Minnesota, and has been since the quite a while before. Because I myself, until a scant decade ago, hated myself for being white and male and especially Christian.

Thing is, my parents didn’t teach me that. But I was educated by the Minnesota school system in the 90s. Only for a couple years. Kindergarten through third grade. Then my mother started teaching me.

When I encountered the teaching openly in college, I just sort of stopped going to classes. I was willing to hate myself. But I was not willing to hate children.

And then, years later, I had a child. And I went from depressed and demoralized to white-hot fury. Pardon my French, but how dare those racist fucking assholes be allowed to interact with children, let alone be given authority and status over them! Every educator who has pushed this and every magistrate who has permitted this ought to have a millstone hung ’round his neck and be cast into the sea!

How dare they presume to pour out a decade of mental abuse on little children so damaging, that only a couple of years of it left scars on me I would not overcome until my thirties!

We are entrusting the upbringing of children to people who have said on paper that they hate those children. Who have said so for at least 15 years, but probably more like 40 or 50 years.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. I regard “elementary school teacher” as a profession that falls just above “child molester” and few solid yards below “pile of dung.” Because at least in my state, they’ve all said they hate children. And I’m afraid I don’t react gracefully to this.

2 thoughts on “I am not what you call a fan of the school system

  1. It gets worse once you research where the modern schooling system comes from, and why it takes the form that it does. Public educators are AT best a part of an inherently abusive system that tears apart families and communities. At worst they are… well, you said it well.

    I have a hard time keeping my countenance when someone at work says their child is a schoolteacher. I would be ashamed of that, not proud.


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