Captain’s Log 0210219.142: Now Let Them Fight…

This represents a framework for basic navigation and dialogue that works equally well with keyboard and mouse, gamepad, and touch screen.

I’ve said it before, but the JRPG genre is well suited to touchscreens. People make JRPGs that use arrow keys or gamepads or wasd, and then port them to phones with virtual dpads that clutter up the screen, instead of just using “poke to go there; prod to open chest, touch to talk,” etc.

I know why. In a game engine, you get one input system out of the box; to make the others play nice, you have to do stuff yourself. Well, my JRPG design takes enough cues from outliers like Mario RPG, etcetera, that I can’t use RPGMaker anyway. So, as I’m rolling my own framework, I’m rolling my own input system (more or less). May as well make it work both sides of the aisle.

It was harder than I thought, though not super hard. Basically, there’s two cursors on screen at all times. One jumps to the location of your mouse/touch, the other floats in front of the player character’s eyes. You click/tap and the mouse cursor triggers stuff. You press A, and the eye cursor triggers stuff.

Movement has to be handled different. There’s an invisible DPad on your character, sending the ground the same events that the mouse would. At the edges of the screen are zones that count as both ground and interactables, ushering you to the next screen.

Badda bing, badda boom. Special thanks to my cockatiel, who served tirelessly in the role of rubber duck.

The Plan

At the moment, I’m leaning toward launching a crowdfund for Awesome Moments halfway through March. I’m tinkering for the duration of February, and this is what I am tinkering on at the moment.

If the crowdfund goes well, I’ll produce Awesome Moments. Meanwhile, I hope to get Last Legend I to a point where I can produce a tiny RPG fairly quickly. Last Legend I is meant to be a quick spoof of Dragon Quest I. Last Legend II is meant to be a quick spoof of Final Fantasy I, and the introduction of multiple character parties.

Last Legend III is where I can start taking the engine and shoving existing stories, like Hat Trick or John Michael Jones, into it.

Last Legend I, when produced, will be a cheap game on Itch. Last Legend III will be crowdfunded and may feature hand drawn HD graphics. Last Legend II is the grey area… I will crowdfund it and maybe aim for HD/non Dragon Egg graphics IF it seems right at the time.

But the next step for the Dragon Egg Last Legend I is simple, and at once incredibly complex: It’s time to introduce combat.

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