Testing 2D Lighting with Spriter

Based off of this video.

  • Make sure the Universal Render Pipeline is installed via the Package Manager.
  • Create>Rendering>URP>Pipeline Asset
  • Create >Rendering>URP>2D Renderer
  • Slot the 2D Renderer into the Pipeline Asset.
  • Slot the Pipeline Asset into Edit>Project Settings>Graphics
  • Hit Edit>Render Pipeline>URP>2D Renderer>Upgrade scene or Upgrade game


Our Spriter Character is Lit. But will the lighting remain as animations switch? Well, my existing animator is designed to work not with spriter, but with Unity’s animation system, but let’s tweak it.

Awww yess baybee. I wasn’t sure it was going to work, but it works! Praise be to God!

So I can do fancy lighting shenanigans with Spriter. Theoretically, I can use my palette swapping shenanigans too, which can wait until a game is funded.

This is half the reason I ditched Spine for Spriter. Spine uses a special shader of its own in order to implement its features. But I want to be able to use Unity’s lighting and shaders. Why make an HD game if I’m not going to go all out, after all!


Got basic movement in play. Imported my action/mouse framework and got a cursor moving around on the screen as well, though that’s not in this gif.

Committed the repo before I forgot…

I need water, and my aminals need food.


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