The path ahead

In my last post, I went over the tests that have led me to a new workflow. I also said I needed to move to another state.

Well, I’ve moved. It’s time to start up my production machine.

Patreon is having some legal issues, and while I feel like they are liable to survive the immediate kerfuffle, their handling of it does not bode well for a long and salutary future. Fortunately, migrating my Patreon audience to SucribeStar is easy: I don’t have one yet.

My SubscribeStar is not set up fully yet. That’s what we’re doing right here right now, and we’re kicking it off with a preview of the comic book I’m working on.

SubStar recommends two updates a week, reasoning that more is overwhelming and less is cause for losing interest. My thought is to do Monday and Friday. Monday I share what the objective is, and Friday I share how well we accomplished it. And to kick things off, I’m making the first update right here on this blog, where you can see it without spending a dime. And that update is the storyboard so far.

A reminder that my process here is to convert these sketches to light blue printouts, which I then ink, including hand-lettering.

So that gives you a taste of what the final product would look like.

The point of this pencil test is more than just to lay out my art before I ink it. It is also to create a ‘finished’ comic in a form that is still easy to edit and modify. It is to create a first draft.

This is as far as the draft has gotten.

My objective for this week is to finish the draft for at least one 2-page spread per day until the story is done. This is a slow pace, I intend to do 4-6 pages a day starting next week, but I’m still settling in and arranging things.

SubscribeStar Subscribers will see the pages as I make them, and get a behind the scenes view of the comic.

And this is no longer me tinkering around. I was tinkering up til now because I had to move. Now it’s produce this comic come hell or high water.

So let’s do this.

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