Captains Log 0201130.080, The King is Coming

I storyboarded 4 pages today. Here’s the whole storyboard as it currently exists:

Keeping in mind each picture is two pages, and we begin on page 2 (page 1 is the title page), I’ve decided I need to insert two pages between biting the fruit and Super Saiyan Jesus showing up for his morning constitutional. Since I’m going to make a big deal about the animal skins God furnishes our first parents with, I need to shout out the fig leaf outfits they make themselves. I had initially thought I wouldn’t need to (I’m trying to cut out every little bit I can as this is a race to get to the Jesus), but it turns out its not gonna work that way.

The Plan for this week

I made the art for a game a couple years back, and it’s relaunching December 4th. I need to make new art for the relaunch, so that’s my primary responsibility this week. I intend to get at least 2 pages of storyboard done a day while my main focus is on the game art. Next week I intend to push it up to 6+ pages a day. Gotta move fast, because this is the first draft, and the job of the first draft isn’t to be pretty; it’s to have something to critique and improve upon.

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