Captain’s Log: 0201218.073

So far, we’re up to 40 pages storyboarded, and begun on the next 2. It’s not great, but it’s constant forward momentum, which is all we need to finish the job. Well, that and the grace of God.

The focus on Genesis-to-Revelation overview of history with Christ at the center means that the Gospel of Mark is basically my go-to source. He’s got the action-packed supernatural showdown emphasis I am aiming for. But obviously, I’m pulling stuff in from Luke, and from anywhere else I find useful.

Awright. Yesterday was, in general, a good day, despite a town-trip eating half the day I got most of my chores done, four pages of storyboard AND a bunch of work on my Licensed RPG. WordPress was down, so I live-tweeted the process.

After some consideration on an adventure game I could make that would be a good first step to making my RPG, I

  1. Made a rough design for a Candy Raid adventure game.
  2. Decided I’d rather just make an RPG right from the get-go.

Rightfully, it will be a process of a couple of years. So, slow and steady wins the race. Meanwhile, I should keep cranking out book storyboards so that in 2021 I can produce lots of much higher quality books. I think my process needs to be something like:

Where X is any storyboard that has been completed and edited, and production begins only if the Kickstarter succeeds.

I dunno. Looking at it, I don’t like it because it’s a lot of work and at the same time, it’s producing only 1.5 books a year. I only did one book this year, but I hit the ground running with 3 books in 6 months. But in this model, it takes me four non-contiguous months to produce a single book and yet I’m focusing on more than one story at a time.

In my head it was a good idea. On paper it is a bad idea. Especially as I still insist my true bent is not towards paper books, but towards vidya.

Well, it was good to get the idea out anyway, so I can at least see it for what it is. Today I’m gonna try and get icons to pop up when things are clicked in my game.

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