Captain’s Log LB•81: Laying a Brick

On Halloween morning, my mother went to the hospital with bleeding in her brain. The last week has been a roller coaster as her prognosis has moved wildly from probable death to probable recovery and everything in between. Right now, there is a decent chance she will recover, but a very high chance she will need perpetual care, in which case the State will seize the farm I live on to pay for the care, and I will need to find a new home for my family.

I am going to keep this log entry short and sweet. I have chosen, however unwisely, to double down on my dreams of building a media company and building a manor on the farm, because that’s what I am made for, and that is what my mother wants. God help me.

This week, I will be working the plan discussed in the previous log entry. On Friday, I have scheduled time to finish uploading November’s Bunny Trail Junctions and chilling on Twitter. Other than that, I will be avoiding social media to preserve my focus, which will entail at least two days each working on the game, and completing my Business Plan.

My plan for the comics was to finish out 2021 for Bunny Trail Junction by making a December Monthly, then going on hiatus until the game making process produces sufficient comics to resume. However, I am rescinding that plan. I have enough comics saved up to half-ass a December monthly, but November is reserved for doubling down on making games, and dealing with my mother’s condition as events arise.

One thought on “Captain’s Log LB•81: Laying a Brick

  1. I am so glad to hear she has a good chance! I have had a roller coaster ride of a week too (though not as big a roller coaster as yours!), but I managed to make a little time to pray for her.

    As a side note: my daughters really enjoyed your Jump the Shark books. I know I left a review on one, and I think I did on both.

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