Mock Up

My goal over the next few days is to make this mockup happen. A random background stolen off the internet (later to be replaced by my own creations). A party of 4 heroes, perhaps chosen at the start. Action points that charge up. When one action point is full for a member of your party, he is ready and you can select him. Selecting him produces a menu. Choosing an action subtracts the correct amount of AP.

In fact, let’s just have all the heroes be a single Fighter. No enemies. Once we have the Action Points working, we’ll get the menu going. Once we get the menu, we’ll give him enemies to select, and comrades with different speeds so we can make sure selecting ready allies is also in place. Yeah. There’s our tack.

Let’s do this.

Mila No

Youtube game tutorials have been pimping Milanote as a design tool. It’s sort of a cross between a brainstorming board and a checklist/collaboration tool like Trello. Suits me! So I started designing my RPG on Milanote and…

Looks like I can’t finish the design without paying. That’s fine. Everybody’s gotta make a buck. I get that. Though it does mean as I am currently broke, I can’t rely on Milanote. Sorry, peddle your app elsewhere, but I can’t buy from you. And then..

Turns out I can’t access or modify my design offline, even though I’m using an app rather than the web interface. The app is just a lite web browser that only goes to the web interface.

That’s not fine. I (proudly) live out in the sticks. Internet is not reliable for me. I can’t afford to have my design live solely in the cloud.

Looks like it’s back to a folder full of markdown for my design documents. Sad, though. I like the interface here.

Though, hey! That reminds me. I did get a decent amount of work done using Trello to manage my checklists. Thanks for reminding me.

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